Postpartum Herbal Care -Week Three and Four Program

Postpartum Herbal Care -Week Three Program: Basic Recovery

Postpartum Herbal Care -Week Four Program: Re-adjustment

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Postpartum Herbal Care -Week Three and Four Program

Windmill Living's 30 Day Postpartum Herbal Care Series is a gradual and complete herbal program that offers comprehensive herbal care, allowing new moms to recover effectively through proper nourishment and care.

Step-by-Step 30 Day Postpartum Herbal Program

Our exclusive herbal formula, based on the ancient art of Chinese postpartum care, has taken years of research to create today's proven results. Our program is a four phase, twelve step process that captures the essence of postpartum recovery in just thirty days.

Four phases of postpartum recovery

Phase One: Expelling excess fluids from the body and detoxification

Phase Two: Strengthening tendons and waist/ back and revitalization

Phase Three: Nourishment, blood recuperation and energy recovery

Phase Four: Anti-aging and skin nourishment

Top Quality Herbs

Rest assured that our products are 100% made in Taiwan under strict quality control standards. All of our products have stringent sterilization procedures, and contain no preservatives, chemical additives, heavy metals or Western medicine.

Fast, Simple and Easy to Make at Home

Our dried herbal packs can be prepared by you or your family with our easy to follow instructions, allowing you access to premium dietary supplementation for postpartum care. Revitalizes and energizes the body. Prevents early aging, renews inner energy.


.7 packs of Phase Three Herbal Packs

.9 packs of Phase Four Herbal Packs

.16 packs of Refreshing Herbal Tea

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