Final tips for postpartum recovery

Lifestyle Reminders

1. Although you will certainly be busy after the arrival of your newborn, try to get as much rest as you can. You should also try not to carry heavy items.

2. Remember not to overwork your eyes. Limit screen time(ie. TV or cellphones) during these 30 days!

3. Protect your joints by keeping them warm and covered.

4. If you plan to breastfeed, try to feed lying down sideways, this can be easier on your waist/ back and also more comfortable for the baby.

5. Start using a postpartum silhouette wrap cloth from day one after birth. This will help your body regain its pre-pregnancy silhouette and prevent your inner organs from sagging.

Other Diet Tips!

1. Be sure to watch your water intake levels! Especially in the first two weeks when we are trying to rid all the water weight from pregnancy, the more you drink the more the body has to work!

2. Stay away from any sour foods, and foods that can cause your skin to lose its elasticity, such as porridge, milk, vinegar, etc.

3. Too much sodium intake can also slow down your body’s metabolism, and restrict your body’s discharge from being fully expelled.

4. Refrain from overly oily foods these may slow down your body's metabolism. Food during postpartum care should be light, fresh and non-greasy.

5. Keep away from fried, baked or broiled foods that may cause you to be thirsty and may lead to constipation.