Understanding key elements of traditional postpartum care

1/ Controlling Water intake

The average weight gain for pregnant women is 12 kg up to gestation. After the birth process, where do these 12 kg go? The newborn and placenta takes up approximately 5 kg, and of the remaining 7 kg, water takes up to 4 kg or so. This is why when our body is so full of extra water weight, a key tip during postpartum care is not to drink too much water.

At Windmill Living, we offer various postpartum drinks to help rid excess water weight especially during the first two weeks to help with recovery.

2/ Sticking to a Sequential phase menu and proper herbal regimen

The meaning behind the design of a sequential phase menu is to help women's bodies recover as quickly and effectively as possible. This goes for the herbal medicines you take during this time as well!

Because of the sequential menu, it is essential to complement with the proper Chinese herbal medicines that cater towards each phase of recovery as well.

This means following a step by step program so that you are eating what is suitable for your body at the right time during the postpartum recovery process.

3/ Postpartum exercise and using a silhouette wrap.

For those who are keen on eventually regaining their pre-pregnancy figure, pay close attention!

A must during postpartum is to use a silhouette wrap daily. This may seem like a simple piece of cloth but its results are excellent, it can prevent you from having a tummy, reduce stretch marks and help your skin recover its elasticity!

│ 4/ Staying warm and not catching colds

Regardless of the weather or season, women are typically prone to catching colds during the period after giving birth. Thus, in order to prevent chronic colds or other issues, keeping warm is very important for new mothers.

This includes, keeping your feet and hands warm, not letting your hair stay wet after showering (if you do!), and not drinking cold drinks or water.