Traditional postpartum diet plan- A critical role in recovery

Why do we have a Sequential Phase Diet?

During the postpartum period, a special diet rich in protein and nutrition is given to the mother to help her recover energy levels, alleviate fatigue, and stimulate breast milk production.

However, beyond these essential concepts, Windmill Living has developed a systematic approach to postpartum diet.

This concept pioneered by our founders, is our “Sequential Phase Diet” designed to systematically speed up and fully capture the 30 day postpartum recovering process through foods and herbal medicines.

Here, the general concept is based on a phase by phase recovery focus. First, expelling the body’s excess blood and toxins, then slowly replenishing blood and energy levels, while at the same time not gaining excess weight and helping the uterus recover back to its original condition.

Demystifying the Sequential Phase Diet

The “sequential phase diet” may sound like a complicated process, but in fact it is quite simple to understand.

Meals are ideally prepared with three crucial ingredients: cold pressed black sesame oil, rice wine, aged ginger and no salt or artificial seasoning, such as soysauce, vinegar, etc. to attain the best postpartum results and recovery.

Some points to remember:

Week 1: Focuses on expelling discharge and reducing water retention in the body, also helping the uterus recover slowly to its original size. This is also the ideal time to recover body weight. Here, our main dish include pig liver fried with sesame oil, traditional postpartum tea and our detoxifying herbal broths.

Week 2: Centers on preventing postpartum waist and back pains via pig kidneys fried with sesame oil and Chinese herbal packs as well as supplementing eucommia.

Week 3~4: Focuses on replenishing blood, “chi” or energy levels, anti-aging and improving circulation. Here, our main dish is chicken soup made with sesame oil and rejeuvenating herbal broths.

Essential role of Chinese herbs in postpartum care

Using Chinese herbal medicine for recovery during postpartum care is essential for successful and complete recovery.

At Windmill Living, we have developed an array of herbal formulas that have been specifically tailored in terms of taste and safety for new moms to attain ideal results.

The concept behind our herbal formulas follows alongside our nutritional guidelines, so a new mom experiences a truly holistic food and nutritional intake foods along with essential Chinese herbal medicine broths that complement each other in the “Sequential Phase menu” and thus the herbal formulas are also designed in a 4 step program that helps new moms recover step by step.

Of course, the quality and safety of Chinese medicines are of utmost priority and concern. All herbs used have stringent safety and quality standards, free of pesticides, heavy metals, medicines or other additives.