The essence of traditional Chinese postpartum care

A lifetime of health and beauty

For new moms who plan to experience a traditional Chinese postpartum recovery method or Zuo Yue Zi, the next thirty days are not going to be easy. You will need the determination, perseverance and patience to follow a strict sequential diet, regimen and lifestyle during your transition period into motherhood. But know that obediently completing one month of the correct, proper postpartum care will bring you a lifetime of health and beauty and shouldn’t be treated lightly.

Dr. Shu Chi Chuang, founder of Windmill Living

There is a saying that the arrival of a new baby is also a re-birth for a new mom! Postpartum care is one of the most important periods in a woman’s health. Your body’s pre-pregnancy common symptoms such as high or low blood pressure, anemia, asthma, fatigue, waist and back pains as well as changes to your body shape such as having a tummy or cramps during your menstrual period are all areas that can be improved with proper postpartum care.

Traditional Chinese postpartum care

In ancient Chinese tradition, the art of postpartum care or Zuo Yue Zi has been embraced and practiced in Chinese culture for thousands of years as a tradition passed down from mother to daughter and often involving extended family support.

Traditionally, after giving birth, the new mom experiences a minimum of one month of postpartum care and nourishment. During this period, certain lifestyle adjustments are made, such as not touching cold water, not taking showers, washing hair, or drinking water for an entire month. However more importantly, proper nourishment must be taken into consideration for the recovery of the woman’s uterus, expulsion of lochia, slowly regaining her figure and replenishing energy or qi.

Of course, some of these traditions have been adapted to modern day lifestyle, but in essence postpartum care still has close associations with Chinese medicinal herbal drinks and soups prepared by family members.

Western vs. Eastern postpartum care

In recent studies of postpartum care in western cultures, they presented a study where without proper postpartum rest and care, new moms did not recover as easily, and suffered from hair loss, constipation and other symptoms including fatigue, excessive sweating, loss of appetite, poor skin quality, low immune system, etc.

Thus, despite the differences between Eastern and Western cultures, both emphasize that proper rest, wholesome diet and nutrition is essential to successful postpartum recovery!