Windmill Living was founded in 1995 by Dr. Shu Chi Chuang M.D. and her daughter, Dr. Jin Finn Chuang M.D. and son-in-law, Dr. Alexander Keh, M.D, Ph.D and is now in its third generation.

We are the first healthcare institution in Taiwan dedicated to researching important concepts established by Dr. Shu Chi Chuang. (莊淑旂博士) These concept cover the three critical phases of a woman’s life: Menstrual Care, Pregnancy and Postpartum Care, and Menopause.

At Windmill Living, we combine the ancient foundations of traditional Chinese medicine with the rigourous methodology of Western medicine. We educate women on how to live a healthy life within each of the three critical phases, specifically, through a natural diet, exercise and balanced lifestyle.

Our mission is to research, educate and to provide modern day healthcare solutions for women around the world so that they can take better care of themselves and to have the necessary tools to raise a healthy family and household.