Dr. Shu Chi Chuang, M.D. “Mother of Cancer Prevention”

Founder of Windmill Living

Keio University, Japan

Cancer Prevention Association, Tokyo, Japan, Board Member

Ching Fong Non-profit Organization, Taipei, Taiwan, Chairperson

After the study of 36,000 cancer patients in Japan, I realized that many of the women patients had ignored the special attention to lifestyle and diet required for the three critical stages of a women’s life: menstrual care, pregnancy & postpartum care, and menopause.

Upon returning to Taiwan, I knew I wanted to devote myself to cancer prevention and one of these ways was by educating women in Taiwan on how to take care of themselves during these important phases.

My daughter, Dr. Jin Funn Chuang and son-in-law, Dr. Alexander Keh, are both doctors in Western medicine. We decided to begin with one of the most personal and critical milestones of a woman’s life, motherhood.

Together, our goal was to use our backgrounds in traditional Chinese and Western medicine to incorporate the ancient art of postpartum care into today's modern urban lifestyle.

As the founder of Windmill Living, Dr. Shu Chi Chuang is one of the most famous and well known health experts in Taiwan.

As a daughter of a Chinese medicine herbalist in old Taipei city in Di Hua Street, she obtained her doctorate degree in Japan and specialized in cancer prevention for most of her life.

She has also pioneered many health concepts related to women’s healthcare and cancer prevention, and served as Empress Michiko’s personal health consultant during her time in Japan.

Dr. Chuang has authored several best selling health and wellness publications and is known as the “Mother of Cancer Prevention”.

In 2012, she was awarded the “Outstanding Medical Contribution” award by Taiwan’s Department of Health.

Upon her passing in 2016 at the age of 96, she was recognized by Taiwan’s Academic Sinica as one of Taiwan’s outstanding citizens to be researched for generations to come.

Dr. Jin Funn Chuang, M.D.

Windmill Living, Founder and Chairperson

National Niigata Medical University, Japan

First Children’s Hospital, Director

When I was still practicing as a pediatrician, I realized that many of my patients and readers already knew the importance of health, exercise and proper nutrition. But many still had trouble actualizing a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining it.

When we established Windmill Living, we realized that by providing convenient meal services and products, this would really help resolve the time constraints of our modern day lifestyle.

To me, our customers are like my patients and deserve the best care.

Dr. Jin Funn Chuang is a pediatrician by training who ran her own practice for over 35 years. Now retired, she is known as the doctor that children always looked forward to visiting and for her insistence on not using antibiotics. The lightest dosage possible for medicines has always been her mantra.

She sees everyone as her patient, even at Windmill Living.

As a believer in an all natural diet, exercise and a balanced healthy lifestyle, she still insists on exercising every day, and has completed her 10th marathon!

Alexander Keh, MD, Ph.D

Windmill Living, Consultant

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan, Former Pediatrics Director

University of Chicago Hospital, USA, Physician in Neonatology

Taipei Medical School, Taiwan, Associate professor in Pediatrics

New York University Hospital, USA, Pediatrician

"From my 30 some years of pediatric experience, I strongly believe a mother’s health is fundamental for the upbringing of children and a healthy and happy family."

At Windmill Living, our goal is to provide proper healthcare concepts for women at all times, even when it is hard to find doctors or experts to ask, and especially in times of special need, such as post operation, miscarriage. We strive to be the place that women can turn to.