Tips for irregular periods

Early periods

Women who experience early periods should eat less stimulating foods (often high in sodium, spices/ flavorings, and heavy flavored), less red meat, onion, scallion, chilli peppers and should eat more green leafy vegetables.

Late periods

Women whose period arrives LATER than normal, are recommended to eat more warm foods and red meats.

This could be due to lack of energy or “qi”.

During the first two days of menses, try increasing consumption of aged ginger cooked with chicken liver or pig liver to increase iron and intake of blood nourishing foods.

│Severe Cramps

For women who have period cramps, it is absolutely essential to refrain from cold, icy foods and drinks of any type. From a Chinese medicine perspective, cramps are a reflection of a “cold” body type, likely from consuming too many cold foods/ drinks. Interestingly enough, in the past when there were no refrigerators, there were much fewer signs of cramping!

│Severe Pre-menstrual Syndrome

For those with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), or who suffer from anxiety, irritability, sleep problems, digestive problems, etc once a month, rest assured, this is very common!

However, the most effective remedy is to adjust our diet habits and to slowly increase our exercise frequency.

In terms of diet, try to have smaller, more frequent meals, with a focus on light, non-greasy, natural and non-processed foods, such as whole wheat barley, green leafy vegetables/ fruits, and ingredients high in protein such as beans or whole grains, etc.