Complete 3 phase diet tips for monthly care

What to eat DURING your period

The first few days of your period, is a sensitive time for the body and here we focus on completely expelling toxins from the body.

Women should refrain from eating cooler ingredients or overly stimulating foods and flavors, such as bamboo, lemons, mushrooms and curry, etc and overly greasy or icy foods/ drinks, whereas red azuki beans and brown sugar made into sweets soups is encouraged for its ability to rid of the body of fatigue, prevent water retention.

Iron rich liver and sesame oil dishes are also encouraged to help with overall blood circulation needed for the initial days of menses where flow is heavier.

What to eat AFTER your period

The days after your period is completely over is when your body should feel its best. During this phase, our goal is to recover our energy and nutrients from blood loss and to regain strength.

Here, as women adjust to our regular diet, we need to take nutrients that help produce blood and improve qi in the body.

What to eat BEFORE YOUR NEXT period

As your body prepares for the next period, we often see symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) such as irritability, mood swings, skin breakouts, breast tenderness, etc.

Here, we focus on eating less stimulating and high fiber foods, such as burdock, radish, carrot, lotus root, tofu, etc as many women experience constipation during this phase.