Monthly Friend or Foe?

Understanding your period

Did you know there are around 40 years in a woman’s life that she has her period?

Luckily, a woman’s menses is probably one of the clearest indicators of how healthy and balanced she is and there are three distinct phases during the month that requires special care: 1/ during your period, 2/ after your period, and 3/ before the next period.

After all, your menstrual cycle is one of the best opportunities to take stay young, prevent premature aging and other women’s related issues!

And, monthly care is just as important as postpartum care!

Chinese healthcare tips for menstral care

Based on ancient and traditional Chinese medicinal practices, some general tips about menstrual care:

1. Refrain from drinking cold drinks or iced beverages during your period, because it prevents bloodflow from exiting the body.

2. Don't carry heavy things or stand too long during your period! This makes your internal organs sag and hard to recover after your period!

3. Remember to dry your hair after you shampoo your hair to prevent the body from exposing itself to wind and catching chronic colds.

Did you know?

Some common signs of hormonal imbalance can be reflected from your monthly cycle. These are some common signs that you need to stop and regain your hormonal balance again.

Excessively short period (under 3 days), or overly long periods (over 7 days), too early or late periods, excessive cramping, excessive blood clots and intense signs of PMS (bloating, breast swelling, irritability, mood swings, etc)