Recovery for miscarriages

Women who have had a miscarriage or abortion often wonder, “Do I need to go through the complete cycle of postpartum care as well?”

Not only do women who have undergone miscarriages need to undergo postpartum recovery, they need to pay even more attention to their body’s recovery and health condition to prevent future reoccurrences.

Due to the body’s condition after undergoing an abortion, operation or medication from miscarriage, we recommend an extended rest period of forty days, instead of the typical thirty days.

Although the overall program and regimen has many similarities to traditional postpartum care, for miscarriage/ abortion, there is even more emphasis placed on Chinese herbal medicines that will replenish qi and help circulation and overall recovery.

Other lifestyle restrictions apply as well such as using a silhouette wrap to keep the body warm, not carrying heavy things or doing labor intensive work during this time.